Criccieth Castle

The Welsh castle at Criccieth is a marvellous sight to behold, sitting as it does so high and majestic atop a rocky promontory which juts dramatically out into Tremadog Bay. Yet, the site has also stirred up controversy over the years. A combination of Welsh and English remains, there has been much speculation as to which areas of the castle belong to which building periods. Was the inner or outer bailey the original stronghold? Did the Welsh or the English build the castle’s most recognisable and dominating feature: the massive twin-towered gatehouse? And did the Welsh or the English construct the fascinating Engine Tower, near the gatehouse, to be used as a powerful platform of death? The dilemma is understandable if one considers the actual structural features at the site relative to its history, a history that encompassed a relatively short time frame but included some very formidable personalities. Click Here to read more about the history of the Castle.

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